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Moscow Design Week holds competition for young designers 02.2.20

The concept of the contest assumes the participation of young russian students with  their design projects in three nominations

  • 02 meters — from our body — clothes, accessories;
  • 2 meters — from our body — furniture, products we use while living, working, resting;
  • 20 meters — from our body —the city, landscape.

Young designers will announce about themselves in 02.2.20 contest. According to the results of the contest the best works will be selected by jury headed by legendary Giulio Cappellini and exhibited on Moscow Design Week. Main prize – summer scolarship in Istitituto Europeo di Design (IED, Milan).



  • Daria Kotelnikova — Editor in Chief of OBJEKT RUSSIA magazine
  • Alexander Fedotov — President of the organizing committee Moscow Design Week
  • Giullio Cappillini — Curator of the contest 02.2.20
  • Patrick Abbattista — Founder of designwanted today
  • Vilner Anastasia — Curator of the Moscow Design Week
  • Andrey Vladimirovich Bokov — President of the International Academy of Architecture
  • Diletta Toniolo – Journalist, Proffessor IED


Moscow Design Week is one of the main events in the field of design in Russia. The Moscow Design Week acquainted the Russian public with the work of great masters, among them the unrivaled Luigi Colani, Ingo Maurer, Alessandro Gueriero, Giulio Cappelini, the brilliant Philippe Starck, Fabio Novembre, Ora Ito, Jaime Aion, Ron Gilad and many others. a new level of work of young Russian designers, presenting them to the international design society.

The main purpose of Moscow Design Week is to gather representatives of the market on one stage to create and strengthen business ties, exchange ideas, launch new successful projects and develop design in Russia

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